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Destiny 2

What is Destiny 2's fanmade Season of the Plague?

The concept season definitely has some serious potential.

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A few weeks ago, the "Season of the Plague" movement emerged over Twitter. Several users, content creators, artists and so forth, came together to create a hypothetical Destiny 2 season centred about one story element we have not heard of in a long time: SIVA.

If you're not familiar with Destiny's universe, SIVA is a technology made of nanites that can be directed to create anything from buildings to weapons. It was the main focus of the first game's second major expansion, Rise of Iron and we haven't really had any other news of it ever since.

Aesthetically, SIVA allowed Bungie to explore new visuals mixing organic horror and ultra-high-tech complexes, both of which have been missing from Destiny 2 - even with breath-taking looking places like the Dreaming City or Europa currently available to explore.


So, what is Season of the Plague?

It seems it all originated from a young artist named BlueJay ( (aka Patient Zero) that had created some concept SIVA mods as an application to work at Bungie.

On March 16, a twitter account named "Season of the Plague" was created. It mentions several other Twitter users that are 3D or VFX artists, alongside other Destiny-related accounts and even some major content creators as "The Infected". This group is posting SIVA-related content such as, weapon concepts. All of those elements seem to be leading to a wider and bigger reveal that will happen on May 5th, merely a few days before the end of the current Destiny 2 season that is supposed to take place on May 11th.

Destiny 2
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How likely would it be for such a season to happen?

The catch here is that none of this is affiliated with Bungie. However, this should not prevent us from speculating if the return of SIVA is possible. In the immediate future, it seems quite unlikely. Season 14 is supposed to bring back the Vault of Glass raid, where players face Vex, and will also feature Ada-1, who is tied to the Fallen. On a broader scale, The Witch Queen is well on the way and the focus is currently on the Cabal and the Hive. Rise of Iron's main focus were Rasputin and Fallen, and the latter got to shine in Beyond Light. There should be two more seasons before the next major expansion and such a swift turn is probably not going to happen. Finally, if we step back and watch things from the real world, actually naming something "Season of the Plague" right now would be...bold to say the least.

However, Bungie has no doubt seen what is going on with "The Plague Gang", some employees directly answered and reacted to the Season of the Plague posts on Twitter. They also know SIVA has been an obsession of the community ever since it was introduced, especially with how little screen time it has been given since 2016. As I explained in the beginning, SIVA is a plot device and an immensely powerful one with that. It can be used as an enemy as much as an allied technology. It would be very interesting to see how SIVA could play a role in the final battle between Light and Dark.

In the end, the actual return of SIVA will probably not happen until later down the line. Although, Season of The Plague makes for some definitely good-looking concepts and is a good way to bring the community together by getting us hyped up. We are also looking forward to see what will be unveiled on May the 5th, in the meantime, feel free to go check out the Plague Gang on Twitter to see their creations in full.

Destiny 2
Delta Designss
Destiny 2

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