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Prey 2

Weekender: Worth the Wait

So, Prey 2's still in development.

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The press release yesterday cleared the mounting stack of rumours about Human Head's sci-fi bounty hunter FPS, a game that had such a strong presence at last year's Gamescom we voted it one of our most wanted titles of 2012.

Newly surfacing rumours say "contract dispute". Official statement reads "non-satisfactory development". Human Head has aired ideas on a Rune sequel. Bethesda are just determined to release a Triple-A game.

Whatever the reasons behind closed doors, and the question whether the game will remain in the hands of the original developer, it's that last line we're glad to see.

That the publisher, and we're going to assume the developer here as well (because movie tie-ins aside, who ever sets out to make a bad game?) are taking steps to amend matters. Not so much in airing the issue, but in setting out to create a great title. Certainly when we talked to them last year, Human Head seemed - rightly - pumped for the ideas in the sequel.

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Prey 2
Is it better to wait and hope a project's made better by a delay?

Delay is a term that this generation has with it a silver lining. Even with Too Human and Duke Nukem Forever against, delays have many more positive examples in more in their favour; Rocksteady's output with Batman being the most obvious example.

Ultimately its become symbolic of publishers and developers willing to better the quality of what finally lands in our hands, and giving us an element of transparency and honesty that says "we want to do better".

That's an incredibly simplified look at the matter that doesn't factor in financial concerns, but isn't it important just to get a better product in everybody's hands? It's a better forty quid spent for consumers, publishers get the sniff of that all-illusive franchise potential, and developers get the extended time they need to put polish on their project and let the accolades roll in.

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While '12 looks to give way to '13 before we see Prey 2, we're happy at least that the title isn't canned and the game's going to have more time spent in developing it. If it means a better product, we're happy to wait. How about you?

Weigh in with your thoughts in our Weekender Forum Thread.

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