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Journey to the Savage Planet

Three Tips for your Journey to the Savage Planet

Typhoon Studios' alien world can be a scary place, but if you take our advice you should survive (mostly) unscathed.

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Journey to the Savage Planet is Typhoon Studios' fusion of various different genres, mixing platforming with light combat, exploration, and innovation to produce a game that lets you be as creative as you want to be as you explore a strange new planet. It can be very fun bounding through the alien world that has been laid out for us, but there are some tips you should remember before diving in, which will help your voyage to a brave new world go a bit smoother.

Journey to the Savage Planet

1) Explore Far and Wide

It could easily be argued that exploration is the core pillar around which the whole of the game revolves, as your main goal from Kindred Aerospace is to explore and document this alien planet, which is made all the more pressing by the fact that their assumption that there was no intelligent life on the planet is proven to be wrong almost immediately.

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It's not just important from a narrative perspective though, as gameplay elements and your enjoyment are dependent on exploration. You'll need to find hidden orange eggs around the world, for example, which help you raise your maximum stamina and health, and they even serve as a sort of collectible for those who love searching high and low for all of the hidden extras in a game (there are other relics to find too).

Resources are also another important reason to explore, because they allow you to collect carbon, aluminium, silicon, and more for your adventure. These coloured crystals can be found embedded in various rocks, but you can also find them in the bodies of the creatures - hostile or otherwise - that you slay on your adventure.

Journey to the Savage Planet

2) Craft Upgrades

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Upgrades will be necessary to complete the main story of the game, as Typhoon gates off areas by requiring the player to craft gear like a grappler, but upgrades are also necessary to access hidden areas, since bombs can destroy cracked walls and electric seeds can stop secret doors from closing. This will all allow you to get to hidden orange seeds and extra resources, not to mention the relics that'll help you complete the game to 100%.

It's worth going back to old areas once you have new gear then, since there's always every reason to backtrack and unlock previously accessible areas. Other upgrades also make getting around the environment easier as well, like extra boosts on your jetpack, which make traversing the environment a delight. It's one of those things that, once you've gone back and restarted the game, you'll wonder how you ever lived without these upgrades.

Even after the credits roll you can expect to craft upgrades using resources, and these can even improve your gun, visor, and other areas. They make your life a lot simpler and it's always worth returning to your Javelin ship to make use of the 3D printer, even when you've already beaten the main game and are just searching for extras.

Journey to the Savage Planet

3) Get Creative!

In our review of the game we compared Journey to the Savage Planet to Ratchet and Clank, and with good reason. Both games give you a number of tools to play around with and that affect the environment, and they can all be used to good effect, especially during exploration.

For example, there are seeds you can throw down which act as a bouncepad, and a sticky substance that attracts Pufferbirds. This latter item is particularly effective, as you can then use this to kick Pufferbirds into the mouths of other creatures, allowing access to doors that would have previously been concealed.

You get more items as you go along, and it's not always clear if and when you're meant to use them, so don't be afraid to experiment for the best results, even if that's just getting the funniest result, like kicking a small creature to their doom. Not that we'd ever do that for the hell of it, of course. We'd never be that savage.

Journey to the Savage Planet

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