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The Best Overhaul Mods to Look Out for in 2023 and Beyond

With big games taking years to make now, modding is a great way to see loads of new and interesting content.

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Modding is by no means a new thing for the video game industry, and there's even been some great titles born of classic mods like Garry's Mod or Dota 2. Yet, now more than ever it can feel like we need some big, expansion-sized mods to help us survive the increasingly long waits for games.

Luckily for us, it seems that with each passing year modders get more talented and we've got some massive projects to look forward to in 2023 and the years to follow. From DLC-sized expansions to those nice quality-of-life touch-ups that just make the experience of a game feel more complete, here are some of the best and biggest mods coming soon.

The Best Overhaul Mods to Look Out for in 2023 and Beyond

Let's kick things off with Fallout: London, an expansive project years in the making. Using Fallout 4's engine, the team working on Fallout: London have pretty much made an entire setting, complete with unique lore, characters, and enemies. People have wondered for years what the Fallout universe looks like in other countries, and through Fallout: London they might finally get their answer.

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Fallout: London is set to release some time this year, and looks to be on track to doing so. We've seen a lot of gameplay and updates from the mod team, with their most recent video showing a working underground rail system. If that doesn't impress you I don't know what will.

With Fallout 5 likely over a decade away, we're going to be relying on the modding community for post-apocalyptic content for some time. If they keep creating projects like Fallout: London though, the wait for the next Fallout game might not be so bad.

The Best Overhaul Mods to Look Out for in 2023 and Beyond

Next, we're taking a look at Bethesda's other seriously popular IP in the Elder Scrolls, and we're cheating a bit here as we're packing a few huge projects into one entry, but they all encompass the same idea, which is porting an older Elder Scrolls game into one of the series' newer entries.

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Skywind takes Morrowind and ports it over to Skyrim, and Morroblivion also gives the third game a bit of an upgrade but puts it into The Elder Scrolls 4 instead. The most popular of these projects is Skyblivion which as you might be able to guess ports the entirety of Oblivion into Skyrim's engine, giving the old game a much-needed updated look.

Skyblivion sadly won't be with us until 2025, as the mod team has recently told us. But, if there's enough support and some volunteers join the team, this release date could be pushed forwards. Either way, Skyblivion is still likely to hit the Nexus Mods page before The Elder Scrolls 6. We're not sure whether that's an exciting or saddening thing at this point.

The Best Overhaul Mods to Look Out for in 2023 and Beyond

Moving away from Bethesda now, despite the fans of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout making brilliant and expansive mods fairly regularly, the FromSoftware fanbase is also creating some excellent mods for those who love the difficulty of the Soulsborne series but have grown tired of the base gameplay in the current titles.

Dark Souls: Archthrones is a DLC-sized mod for Dark Souls 3 that keeps impressing fans with each update dropped by the development team. It completely overhauls the base game, giving players new areas to explore, new enemies to fight based on those found in Bloodborne and Sekiro, and plenty of lore to dive into.

There's not been a release date attached to Dark Souls: Archthrones yet, but considering we got 15 minutes of gameplay at the start of this year, and the project has been in development for 2 years up to this point, we can't help but hope we'll hear something soon.

The Best Overhaul Mods to Look Out for in 2023 and Beyond

From a mod that has an unknown release date to two that have just dropped only recently, the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Citadel Epilogue and Happy Ending mods overhaul your space adventure. Rather than add a whole bunch of content to a game, these mods actually remove a fair chunk to change the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3.

Following the release of Mass Effect 3, BioWare dropped the Citadel DLC, which is essentially a heap of fan-service that gives you one last hurrah with your crew before you face the final missions of the game. The Citadel Epilogue mod instead puts this DLC after the game, removing all mention of Reapers and the war to give you a much happier ending.

The Happy Ending mod works with this, removing Shepard's almost definite death from the ending of Mass Effect 3, and tweaks the final cutscenes that play once you finish the game. There's also one final added surprise in this mod for when you return to the Normandy, but you'll have to download it to find out.

The Best Overhaul Mods to Look Out for in 2023 and Beyond

Our final overhaul mod brings us to Cyberpunk 2077, and it is the Time Dilation Overhaul, which changes up the gameplay of CD Projekt Red's dystopian title significantly by adding all new abilities.

Katana Reflect allows you to send your enemies' bullets back at them, teleportation does exactly what it says on the tin, and you can even affect vehicles while in time dilation like Franklin in GTA 5.

All of these abilities are tied to the time dilation mechanic, and it not only changes the way players can use the Quickhack, but it also alters NPC behaviour, too.

The Best Overhaul Mods to Look Out for in 2023 and Beyond

These are just a few of the best and brightest overhaul mods that are either already available or are set to come out soon. With modding allowing for us to get DLC-sized expansions nowadays, it seems as though the wait for new titles may not be as painful as we once thought.

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