It Takes Two creator's next game: "The team has learned how to work together"

Oscar Wolontis talks to us about Hazelight's next steps and the recent releases of his latest game on new platforms.

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During the last Gamelab in Tenerife, many of the big names and important studios from all over the continent sat down to discuss together about the future of the European industry in the sector and what common strategies should be put in place to face the global market in which they are currently at a disadvantage (mostly economic) compared to China, the United States or Japan, as already mentioned by Peter Molyneux, who also attended the event.

However, in addition to all that, Gamelab gave us the opportunity to approach some of these developers and talk about their current or future projects, as in the case of the interview we had the pleasure of conducting with Oscar Wolontis, COO at the Swedish studio Hazelight and one of the key members in the development of It Takes Two.

Wolontis smiled mischievously every time we tried to elicit some details about Hazelight's new game, which we assumed would be a co-operative adventure in the vein of their latest work. He confirmed it like this:

"(Laughs) There's no secret that we are in this business. Let me tell you this: We learned so much from the past, specially A Way Out and It takes Two. The team... They learned how to work together doing these experiences so well now. So, we're not going to throw that experience away."


As well as talking about the success of the shared adventure, Oscar Wolontis told Gamereactor that the work on the Switch version was more complex, and what makes his studio able to realise its vision for the games.

"Nintendo Switch its a very different format from the other that we've released.(...) We always want to be there.(...) And we are very proud we have transaled the game to japaneses, spanish, german...and the people are very happy with that".

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