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49% of EA sales on PS4 and Xbox One were digital in last year

Anthem is also the game that's launched with the highest digital share, as revealed in a recent earnings call by the company.

In recent years there has been a growing trend in the games industry that's seen digital purchases and downloads increase in popularity over physical copies, and EA has shown just how important digital has been to them in an earnings call.

As tweeted by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, 49% of full sales on PS4 and Xbox One were digital over the last 12 months, and Anthem is the "most digital" game they've launched, meaning it's launched with the highest digital share.

In fact, digital has proven so popular in recent years that Microsoft has confirmed the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which doesn't even have a disc tray. To hear over half of EA's full game sales have been digital on PlayStation and Xbox, however, is still surprising given that it's such a sizeable portion.

It's also worth noting that EA has just revealed that their EA Access subscription service is coming to PS4 as well, providing players with a whole catalog of games, similar to the Xbox One version.

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