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EA Access is coming to PlayStation 4 in July

Sony said it didn't see the value in EA's service back in 2014 but has finally changed its mind.

Back when EA Access launched on the Xbox One back in 2014 Sony said that it didn't think that the subscription service "represents good value to the PlayStation gamer". With that being the case, Brazilian gamers were surprised when they suddenly saw the service's logo on their PlayStation Store two months ago. Then, a month later, Electronic Arts said that they planned "to offer a subscription service on another major platform". And so the rumblings about Sony's change of heart really started making the rounds. Now it's finally official.

Sony and Electronic Arts have confirmed that EA Access will launch on PlayStation 4 sometime this July. It'll cost us £3.99/$4.99 per month or £19.99/$29.99 annually, just like the Xbox One version. Those who subscribe to the PS4 version can look forward to the same benefits. This means access to a growing library of "free" games in the ever-growing Vault, ten-hour free trials of the company's new games, and a ten per cent discount on purchases made via the service.

Those are pretty much all of the noteworthy details from the announcement, so we're still left with one important question. Considering the fact that the Xbox One version's Vault includes games from the Xbox and Xbox 360 era, it's safe to assume that PS4 players will have access to fewer games because the console isn't backward compatible with PS2 and PS3, although we've reached out to make sure and will update you as soon as we here back.

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