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100 Thieves signs another Apex Legends player

Teenage is a former H1Z1 and Overwatch player who joins Destiny streamer Gigz on the roster already.

North American esports organisation 100 Thieves showed their intention to move into the world of Apex Legends esports (which hasn't had a lot to talk about other than a Twitch Rivals event) by signing Connor 'Gigz' White, and now they've revealed another addition to the squad.

This new player goes by Teenage and has experience in Overwatch and H1Z1, while Gigz is bringing his own experience in Destiny to the table for 100 Thieves. Whether or not this transfers into competitive success or not remains to be seen, as Apex Legends hasn't really got an esports scene right now.

Are these both good signings?

Apex Legends

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