Apex Legends

100 Thieves acquire popular streamer for Apex Legends

As the company's first foray into the new battle royale game, Gigz knows his way around an online game.

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Connor White, known in the competitive world as Gigz, has been signed by esports organisation 100 Thieves, and he is their first Apex Legends pro player. Coming in as a Destiny content creator, Gigz has amassed an impressive following online with almost 250,000 followers across the Twitter and Twitch platforms.

Gigz was known for achieving some incredible feats during the height of Destiny 1 and 2, as he took down high-level bosses with less than the recommended player count, and was part of a team who conquered two Destiny 2 raids before anyone else in the world. These accomplishments have no doubt put him on the map for the up and coming Apex Legends esports scene.

100 Thieves have reinforced his achievements by saying: "With a background in Destiny, Gigz caught our eye with his impressive gameplay & adaptability with Apex. As a growing content creator & now pro player, we're looking to see him tear up the Apex Legends scene. Welcome!"

No official esports events have been announced for the new title, but its immense popularity - which has pushed it to the number one spot on Twitch - will go a long way to making sure Apex Legends sustains a healthy player base and manages to establish an esports scene. After all, streamers competed in Twitch Rivals not too long ago, which kickstarted competitive action.

Are you keen to see how esports for Apex Legend develops?

Apex Legends
Photo: 100 Thieves

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