Willow (Disney+)

Willow cancelled after its first season

Disney won't be going back for a second season of Warwick Davis and crew's adventures.

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Ben isn't the only one that thinks the Willow show is definitely worth checking out, as many have been asking for more after the first season ended back in January. In fact, even Christian Slater wanted to return for a second season, but that will apparently not happen.

Usually very reliable Deadline reports that Disney has decided to cancel Willow after this first season, so we won't get a second one on Disney+. One of the main reasons for this is probably that the show seemingly didn't have enough viewers judging by its cultural impact and never broke into Nielsen's top 10 for streaming services. Not exactly a good thing when Disney+ has started losing subscribers.

What do you think? Did Willow deserve a second season, or should Disney put more money into The Mandalorian, Andor and other LucasFilm projects?

Willow (Disney+)

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