Willow (Disney+)

Christian Slater wants to return for Willow 2

But so far, LucasFilm has not confirmed that there even will be a second season.

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The 80s fantasy classic Willow made a comeback last year as a TV series, but was awarded fairly mixed reviews. So far, a second season is up in the air, but Christian Slater is keeping his fingers crossed.

He played the somewhat ill-fated character Allagash who only had a minor part in the first season, but Slater has personal ideas of how this could be sorted out and says he would love to return for a new season:

"It's certainly a role that I would enjoy delving further into. He kind of gets enveloped by the Trolls and you don't really know what happened. I mean, I have a particular theory that I would like to share with Jon. I like playing this character, so I'm thinking of ways that he could have found out of that situation. And I would love to see where this adventure goes, how we could further develop the characters and have more goofy fun. That's what we want. We just want to be entertained for a little while, have a good time, escape the madness! It was a lot of fun, a real treat. The struggles are, you know, the black eyes. [But] it's all part of the adventure. We get to play these crazy characters and have a good time. I mean, what more could you ask for?"

Did you watch Willow on Disney+, and how interested are you in a second season?

Willow (Disney+)

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