Apex Legends

We're checking out Apex Legends' eighth season on today's GR Live

We'll be seeing what Fuse and the now obliterated Kings Canyon map is bringing to the table.

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It's Wednesday, which means another episode of GR Live. For today's stream, we're heading back to the world of Respawn's premier battle royale, Apex Legends, to check out the most recent seasonal update that came to the game last night. Dori will be taking the reins today, as he looks to see what the 16th Legend Fuse brings to the table, over the now obliterated Kings Canyon map.

As usual, you can catch the stream at the GR Live homepage at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET, and if you aren't fully aware as to what has changed with Season 8 - Mayhem in Apex Legends, check out our report on the patch notes right here.

Apex Legends

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