Top Spin 2K25

Top Spin 2K25 announced

Now we're just waiting for EA to reveal a new Fight Night.

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Electronic Arts and 2K have been trying to outdo each other when it comes to video games based on sports for years now, so it was rather appropriate when EA seemingly stopped making boxing games after 2011's Fight Night Champion and 2K left tennis with Top Spin 4 the same year. But then rumours about Mafia 4 started making the rounds last year, and they also claimed Top Spin 5 was in development at Hangar 13. Now we know that the only thing wrong about them was that they forgot 2K has changed the way games are titled these days.

The teaser trailer below confirms that what's called Top Spin 2K25 is indeed coming. That's about it, however, as the mix of edited gameplay and good old "in engine" cinematic footage don't reveal any new features or anything like that. We're just told to stay tuned for more information in the future, but the title does at least make it seem like the game will launch later this year or early in 2025.

Top Spin 2K25

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