Destiny 2: Beyond Light

The woes of Destiny 2's Trials of Osiris continues

The game mode has been cancelled again as Bungie deals with "unexpected issues."

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Destiny 2 has been struggling with its Trials of Osiris mode these past few weeks, as players cheat and match fix their way to glory, and while Bungie has already cancelled the mode a few times to deal with certain issues, this weekend was no different.

In the latest TWAB (This Week At Bungie), the developer stated, "Last weekend, Trials of Osiris was disabled due to unexpected issues. While these issues are being investigated, Trials of Osiris will be unavailable to players. We will have more information when it becomes available."

This cancellation of the mode seemed to suggest an indefinite cancellation of Trials of Osiris, as the issues were resolved, but a tweet from Bungie Help on March 4 seems to suggest that the mode will be back again this weekend.

"Due to an issue that was discovered last week, Trials of Osiris has been canceled this weekend. We will provide more information on next weekend as it becomes available."

Considering the many cancellations of the mode already, it wouldn't be a huge shock to see Trials cancelled again this weekend. We'll have to wait for the upcoming TWAB for more answers.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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