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Apex Legends

Stories from the Outlands trailer dives into Newcastle's background

Learn more about the upcoming Apex Legends' character in this new video.

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With the next season of Apex Legends set to start in a few weeks, Respawn has been trickling out information about what we can expect from the upcoming new season of content. Previously, the launch trailer introduced us to the new Legend, Newcastle, and now that this is in the books, another Stories from the Outlands video has dropped to provide a bit of narrative insight into the character.

Known as Jackson Williams, this character is Bangalore's assumed-to-be-dead brother. Despite having a family, Newcastle is joining the Apex Games as a group called the Forgotten Families is threatening to destroy his home if they are not paid a hefty sum of cash. Thus why Newcastle is joining the games and entering the limelight.

You can learn all about Newcastle's backstory in the video below, and as for when more information from the upcoming season (Saviours) will land, the gameplay trailer is coming on May 2.

Apex Legends

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