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Apex Legends

Apex Legends next season starts on May 10

It's titled Saviours and is bringing changes to Storm Point and the new character Newcastle.

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Respawn Entertainment has officially put a date on when the next season of Apex Legends will start. Set to kick off on May 10, the season will be known as Saviours, and will be bringing changes to the Storm Point map, as well as a new playable character.

Apex Legends

While we're still waiting on firmer details from Respawn and EA at the moment, the Apex Legends website states that the changes to Storm Point revolves around the shores of the island and treasures that can be found there. It's noted as well that dead beasts might become a problem and "hold danger" very soon.

Otherwise, the new Legend will be known as Newcastle, and while we can look forward to learning more about the character on Thursday, April 28, when the next Stories From the Outlands drops, the website adds that he is the "Hero of Harris Valley" and that he will bring a shield to protect teammates.

To add to this, the new season will of course feature a new battle pass to earn some new cosmetics and gear from, but there will also be a "reworked Ranked system" on its way, one that is said to reward "teamwork and skill."

Check out the launch trailer for Apex Legends - Saviours below.


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