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Starfield Will Get Its Own Showcase, Bethesda Confirms

A game so massive it needs its own show.

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Bethesda has posted a short trailer for its upcoming showcase alongside Xbox planned for later this month. Underneath, the official Bethesda Twitter account also commented that we wouldn't be seeing a "deep dive" of Starfield at this showing.

Instead, a "standalone show is in the works" for Bethesda's ambitious sci-fi RPG. We already knew that we weren't getting much Starfield news at the upcoming Xbox event, as it was advertised as showing off Redfall, The Elder Scrolls, Forza, and Minecraft Legends.

The upcoming show will take place on the 25th of January, but we don't know yet when we'll be getting another look at Starfield. With it still planned to release in the first half of 2023, we can hope we'll see more soon.

Already, some playtesters have reportedly got their hands on the game, and are blown away by Bethesda's latest creation. Let's hope it's a return to form for the once great developer.


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