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Starfield First Impressions Are Exceeding All Expectations

Some lucky folk have had the chance to playtest the game.

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We all knew from the first look at Bethesda's Starfield that it was going to be an ambitious game. While the promises of 1000+ planets and hundreds of hours of content has excited many, the sceptics among the gaming community believe it can't live up to the hype.

However, from a recent episode of the XNC Podcast, it was revealed that Starfield's play testers are being blown away by the size and depth of the sci-fi RPG. Stemming from Colt Eastwood, multiple sources are claiming that play testers are thoroughly enjoying the experience.

There's no hiding the scope Bethesda has for Starfield, but after Fallout 76 disappointed many and the wait that has been attached to the upcoming game, a lot of people aren't holding out too much hope anymore.

What do you think? Can Bethesda restore its former glory with Starfield?

Thanks, Insider Gaming.


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