RuneFest tickets go on sale today

This gives you access to the Golden Gnome Awards and the two-day event, featuring panels, cosplay, and more.

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RuneScape fans have a lot to be pleased about right now, as a prehistoric DLC was revealed not too long ago for a July release, and now tickets for RuneFest 2019 are here, which you can find on the event's website.

These go on sale at 16:00 BST (17:00 CEST) today, and the annual celebration is all about Old School RuneScape as well as regular RuneScape. It's running between October 4 and 5 at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, with the Global Gnome Awards celebrating the community too.

Developer panels, exclusive merchandise, cosplay, and more will be there, and tickets start at £135 for early birds, with standard tickets costing £150. Each ticket gives you access to the awards and 'Night Before Party' on October 4, as well as the event itself, with RuneFest also being available to watch for fans at home.

Head of Events at Jagex, Josh Winward, said: "There's no better way to connect with the ever-expanding RuneScape community than by bringing everyone together to forge some legendary memories both in person or online. RuneFest at Farnborough provides us with the opportunity to bring more of our living game world of Gielinor to life than ever before, while expanding The Golden Gnome Awards on the first night gives us the perfect chance for our community to shine in the spotlight!"

For more on the event, check out the site. Will you be going?

David Portass & James Lawson/iEventMedia

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