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RuneScape getting new landmass with dinosaurs in July

A new teaser trailer has been released along with some details, but we're promised more information next month.

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Jagex has revealed something rather prehistoric coming to MMO RuneScape, as a brand new landmass is coming to Gielinor in July along with dinosaurs, adding new content courtesy of new antagonist Kerapac.

Anachronia - or 'The Land Out of Time' - lets players track the dragonkin as he develops an evil scheme, and this new area will be available to players new and old. Those looking to follow this new storyline need just three skills - mining, smithing, and divination - to be at least level 50, with two quests (The Needle Skips and You Are It) complete to get involved.

More information on this update is promised next month as we get closer to release, but for now you can check out a brand new teaser trailer and image down below.

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