Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Rumour: Getting Guardians of the Galaxy on Game Pass costed $5-10 million

The action-adventure game only launched back in October 2021.

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There are over 500 games on Game Pass, and Microsoft has previously said that they don't have one model to get all games on their subscription service, but that it is a case by case basis. Now we might have got an idea how much it costs to get a major game like Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy to Game Pass thanks to the industry analyst David Gibson on Twitter.

He claims Microsoft paid $5-10 million to get the game on Game Pass. While this might seem cheap, the games was released in October last year and have been selling at full price for four months before entering Game Pass, and Square Enix has also revealed that it has underperformed sales wise despite really good grades.

During GDC last week, Microsoft revealed that Game Pass members play 40% more games than others in 30% more genres and also spend 50% more money on games. This means there are also other ways to make money from Game Pass titles, even if the users aren't actually buying the games.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

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