Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Players have tried to close Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy's fridge over 18 million times

As gamers, we're a tenacious bunch.

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While we've been drowning in a mass of recent quarterly reports and earnings calls, Square Enix has shared what is unquestionably the most important statistic of the month. That very statistic is how many times players have attempted to close the fridge door in Star Lord's room on the Milano ship in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Shockingly, the number is now at 18.6 million "(failed) attempts" as the post states. If you're unfamiliar as to why this is quite hilarious, it's because the fridge door literally never stays shut, and will constantly open each time a player attempts to close it. Hence why the tweet is captioned with "We admire the tenacity".

The fridge is a daft prank by the development team, who became inspired by a couple of silly gags on TV, including the one on Modern Family where Ty Burrell's Phil Dunphy constantly trips up a broken stair that he frequently says he is going to fix.

Speaking to GamesRadar a while back, senior creative director Jean-François Dugas, said, "My inspiration was based on Phil Dunphy in Modern Family constantly stumbling on the house stairs that he never repaired, and one episode from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In that one, Charlie passes by a stool in the bar where he works many times during the episode, and each time, he replaces/shakes the stool before going to his next objective."

How many of the 18 million failed attempts are you responsible for?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

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