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Dirt Rally 2.0

Motorsport UK to host esports rally championship

Motorsport UK has announced an esports Rally Championship with a real-life test drive serving as the 1st place prize.

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Motorsport UK has announced (thanks, The Checkered Flag) that it will be hosting an esports tournament this summer using Dirt Rally 2.0. The tournament takes place over four rounds beginning on May 4 in Wales, before moving on to Spain, Germany and finishing in Scotland in the final week of June.

The event is open to anyone with either a MotorSport UK licence or Trackside Membership on either PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A test drive in a Ford Fiesta R2T alongside EDSL Sport is the prize for 1st place, whilst other prizes are available for those in the top-ten, including a tour of the M-Sport Ford factory in Cumbria, UK.

"We are delighted to launch the eBRC and the exciting opportunity to bring someone from the virtual world into real rallying," said Iain Campbell, manager of the British Rally Championship.

"The action in the British Championship is always intense and very close between our competitors and I expect it to be even closer on Dirt 2.0 in the eBRC and by opening it up to all Motorsport UK members, it will produce even more competition."

Dirt Rally 2.0

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