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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

More CS:GO 2 evidence is here as Valve files a new trademark

It seems a CS:GO 2 is more of a when than an if scenario now.

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Earlier this month we reported that a sequel to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive could be on the way. After a few weeks of more and more evidence piling up, it seems that Valve very well could be working on this new game.

Now, as spotted by PCGamesN, a new trademark from Valve references "CS2," which is only further stoking the rumours of a new game. This trademark also references related properties, filed under the US registration numbers 5857740 and 5857738 which relate to the filings for Counter-Strike and CS:GO.

Even though a CS:GO 2 seems more likely than ever, it is still probable that this is a Source 2 version of the game, and while it will come with a significant visual upgrade and update to the original game, it won't divert from the gameplay that has made Counter-Strike: Global Offensive so popular.

What do you want to see in CS:GO 2?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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