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JBL introduces custom-ANC, innards-showing Tune Flex earbuds

The "transformable" TWS will release in August, whereas the new Reflect Aero have just been made available.

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During the spring, JBL by Harman has been releasing to the market the brand-new lineup of products we learned about at CES 2022, but speaking about earbuds specifically, the manufacturer had another ace up its sleeve in the form of the newly-announced and imminently-launching JBL Tune Flex.

The idea with the Tune Flex is similar to what other brands are pursuing nowadays: getting the best of both worlds between active noise cancelling and open-ended listening. Different to say Sony's approach with the LinkBuds, JBL lets you decide a setting for each occasion, and for that it allows for six 'modes' and includes three pairs of both sealed and open ear pads, the latter leaving your ear free. Then, the app-controlled Sound Fit feature adapts the environment to the users' preference.

Previously-codenamed Tune 330, the 4-mic ANC JBL Tune Flex will last for eight hours per charge plus 24 hours in the carrying case. They'll release mid-August in Europe at around 99 euros in three colours, and there will be another three transparent Ghost versions "showing everything that we crammed inside", according to the brand.

JBL introduces custom-ANC, innards-showing Tune Flex earbudsJBL introduces custom-ANC, innards-showing Tune Flex earbuds
The upcoming JBL Tune Flex.

For the sporty users, JBL also introduced (and also released at around 149 euros) the more resistant Reflect Aero, which from now on act as a mid-range slightly below the Reflect Flow Pro. They now include Bluetooth 5.2, lighter case, and feedback of your own voice, something learnt "from the Quantum gaming division".

You'll soon be able to learn more about some of JBL's newer earphones and headphones, be it through Gamereactor's popular Quick Look video series or via additional reviews, including the JBL Quantum TWS and 610.

JBL introduces custom-ANC, innards-showing Tune Flex earbuds
The just-released JBL Reflect Aero.

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