Here Comes A New Challenger

Here comes a New Challenger, which tells the story of the Street Fighter franchise, is now available on Prime Video

Although it is currently only available in certain territories such as the UK, the rest of Europe will have to wait.

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Oliver Harper's documentary film 'Here Comes a New Challenger', which looks at the entire Street Fighter franchise from its inception to the present day, arrives today on Prime Video and Hoopla platforms.

Unfortunately, this is not a global release, as access to the documentary on Amazon's streaming service has only been confirmed in the UK for the time being, with other territories still without access for now.

Here Comes a New Challenger is an emotional look back at a lifetime of characters, players and shared experiences around the most famous fighting game of all time, and you can read the review that our colleagues dedicated to it a few months ago, before it hits our screens.

Here Comes A New Challenger

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