FromSoftware boss is 'happy' you all want a Bloodborne remake

But Miyazaki still hasn't said whether we're getting one or not.

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If there's one thing that gamers demand whenever there's a PlayStation Showcase, it's a Bloodborne remake/remaster. Fans want it to run at 60fps, and they want it on PC. It sounds simple, and to be honest, there's probably a lot of money in it, but for whatever reason, nearly ten years after the game first released, we still haven't got a remake.

Speaking with Eurogamer, FromSoftware boss Hidetaka Miyazaki addressed the calls for a remake. "Put simply, it makes me very happy to see it's a title with a lot of specific memories, both for me and the staff who worked on it," he said. "And when we see those passionate voices in the community, of course it makes us feel thrilled, it makes us feel very fortunate to have that and to have those memories."

Miyazaki also spoke about how new hardware could help make remakes feel like they have real improvements from the original. "I think having new hardware is definitely a part of what gives these remakes value. Things you weren't able to achieve on previous generations of hardware, ways you weren't able to render specific expressions - [new hardware] sometimes makes it possible."

"I think purely from a user perspective, modern hardware also allows more players to appreciate all the games," he continued. "And so, it ends up being a simple reason, but as a fellow player, I think that accessibility is important. I think that can be the driving force between bringing an old game to a new platform."

So, a very elusive answer at the end of it all. Miyazaki neither confirms or denies a Bloodborne remake, but surely someone out there is working on it? Probably? Maybe? Hopefully? I guess we'll only find out if it's ever revealed.


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