Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 6 brings wildlife and weapon crafting

There's also a Lara Croft skin, DC's Raven, and even a Neymar Jr. skin later in the season.

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The latest season has now launched for Fortnite, and following the conclusion of the Zero Point storyline, the title has gone primal to an age of savagery and survival. The new season, titled Primal allows players to hunt animals for food and even craft weapons on the go, and in typical Fortnite fashion, there's a new battle pass packed with skins and other cosmetics to chew through.

This battle pass offers a bunch of new skins including one for Agent Jones, a Lara Croft crossover, a skin for DC's Raven, and there even seems to be a Neymar Jr. skin "coming soon," as the post from Epic Games states. There are also some other cosmetics to look out for in the pass, including a buff Easter-themed chick called Cluck, and as per usual, you can get the battle pass for 950 V-Bucks in-game right now.

To get in the spirit of the new season, you can check out the initial cinematic for the season below that features a bunch of hunters from Season 5, and shows Sarah Conner executing a Xenomorph, Kratos battling a walking pancake, and Agent Jones fighting a man living in a meteorite.


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