Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Final Fantasy XII villain coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Vayne Solidor will be unleashed by the end of April.

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The cast for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will start growing by the end of April, with the release of the first extra character, Vayne Solidor. The "charismatic" villain from Final Fantasy XII will have a unique playstyle (under the Vanguard class) and can boost nearby allies with his unique EX Skill, Writ of Conquest.

No price was revealed for Vayne, but he is part of the €30 / $30 / £25 season pass, which will introduce six new characters including Vayne. Go ahead and watch the FF XII villain in action on the trailer below, and head this way for our review of the game itself.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

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