Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Final Fantasy VII's Tifa added to Dissidia NT roster

To celebrate the upcoming remake we have a new fighter specialising in martial arts, as well as a Shadowbringers skin for Zenos yae Galvus.

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Final Fantasy fans were pretty excited when they saw Tifa return in the trailer for Final Fantasy VII's remake, and now they have another chance to play as the heroine, as Square Enix has revealed she's now available to purchase as a DLC fighter in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and its free edition, both on PC and PS4.

She's got a brawler playstyle here, and since she's an Assassin character with martial arts abilities, she can get powerful moves the more she hits her enemies. Her Limit Break also enhances her allies, depending on how many successes she can roll on the slot machine that appears on-screen.

That's not all, as Zenos yae Galvus has a new skin available for download to celebrate the launch of the Shadowbringers DLC for Final Fantasy XIV. This Legatus of the XIIth appearance can be downloaded for free until August 7 at 16:59 BST (17:59 CET) on PC, or until 23:59 local time on the same day for PS4.

You can check out Tifa in the new trailer down below. Is she set to be a new favourite in the game?

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
Dissidia Final Fantasy NTDissidia Final Fantasy NT
Dissidia Final Fantasy NTDissidia Final Fantasy NTDissidia Final Fantasy NT

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