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Epic outlines roadmap ahead for Games Store this year

It has had a good start to life, but there are plenty more features ahead as it looks to solidify its status in the PC community.

Epic Games turned a lot of heads when it launched the Games Store last year, a platform on PC that served as both a store and a launcher for PC players, since then has showing how serious it is with a number of exclusivity deals (like the infamous Metro Exodus one), and it turns out they have big plans for the rest of 2019 as well.

The company recently made their Epic Games Store roadmap for the year public on Trello for all to see, and there's a lot that's coming in the future. We already know about the recently shipped features like store search, enabling pre-loading, and offline mode, but in the next one to three months we're also scheduled to get the ability to search by genre and tag, store video hosting, improvements to offline mode, a store page redesign, improved DLC support, and much more.

One of the standout features of this window is Cloud Saves, which competitor Steam already has and which would enable you to pick up where you left off even when playing on another PC.

In the 'mid-term' (four to six months) we're due to get user reviews (the absence of which caused Metro and Last Light redux editions to get review bombed on Steam following the Exodus exclusivity reveal), wishlists, extra payment methods, newsfeed and follow improvements, and play time tracking.

Mod support for games is also coming in this release window as well, which is no doubt important for the modding community that is incredibly strong on PC.

In terms of the 'long term' - which is over six months - Epic plans to add a shopping cart, achievements, direct carrier billing, and a social overhaul. There are a few features that don't have a release window at all though, including automated refunds, Arabic store translation, Korea game releases, gifting, and an Android store.

Does the future look bright for the Epic Games Store?

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Epic outlines roadmap ahead for Games Store this year

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