DMC Devil May Cry

DMC Vergil DLC demoed in trailer

Post-launch release for Dante's bro.

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That Vergil, Dante's brother, was going to be a playable character in the DMC reboot by Ninja Theory was a shoe-in.

However, it's a surprise to see that the silver-haired swordsman will be taking on that role in post-launch DLC, rather than a alternate campaign as part of the main game.

Vergil's Downfall, the first trailer of which can be viewed below, will come at some point after DMC's January 15th release ("a confirmed release date" is still to come, according to the company) and offers a whole new storyline, enemies and locations specifically for the character. The DLC will cost 720 Microsoft Points (£7.29 for PSN).

The DLC will also offer four difficulty levels, Capcom's stated.

Given the remake's heavily invested in fleshing out the characters of the franchise, and from what we've seen thus far during our recent hands-on, we're intrigued to know exactly when this DLC story takes place - backstory, paralleling Dante's tale, or as a epilogue to the events of the main game?

Capcom's not saying for now, only clarifying that Downfall "tells the other side of the family story".


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