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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves updated with the new free expansion Dark Relics

Rare's seafaring pirate experience Sea of Thieves keeps growing with the new free expansion Dark Relics.

Rare has done one hell of a job with updating Sea of Thieves, which is at least twice as big as it was when it launched no matter how you measure it. And the best thing is, all of it has been free. This is also true for a brand new expansion called Dark Relics, which is out now for both PC and Xbox One.

One of the main draws this time is a rowing boat with a harpoon, which truly sounds like it made for boarding other ships and various mischief. Although it's not as sexy as the harpoon rowing boat, the combat has also been updated and is now more responsive. There's also a new Reapers Chest which is really valuable - but unfortunately makes you visible to all other ships so expect company. From nasty pirates.

So why is it called Dark Relics? Well, The Order of Souls has a new kind of mission where they ask you to retrieve Dark Relics which can make horrible things happen if they are not collected. A bra new trailer that explains more about all this can be found below, and under it are highlights from the release notes from the official homepage.

Does this sound like fun additions?

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Ranged and Melee Hit Detection - Players will now find that engaging in combat with other players out in the world is much more responsive. When targeting a rival player or skeleton then taking a shot or swinging a sword, players should find that the hits are more consistently registered and damage applied as expected. Hit detection improvements across the game include ship-to-ship, ship-to-water and water-to-water player encounters.

A Rowboat with a Harpoon?! - Players may come across a rare new type of Rowboat abandoned throughout the world. These come with a harpoon attached, allowing rowers and their passengers to have even more fun on the sea!

Barrels of PLENTY! - Players can now find a greater range of items within floating Barrels of Plenty. Be sure to stop and check them out as you may find skulls, artefacts, chests, Merchant Crates, Mermaid Gems, Messages in a Bottle or even gunpowder kegs - why not use these inconspicuous floating 'mines' to your advantage against rival crews?

Dark Relic Voyages - The Order of Souls' representatives have begun to experience visions of skeleton activity across the sea, including rituals performed with the Dark Relics and what appear to be Ritual Skulls. They want those Dark Relics back before something catastrophic happens, and will pay good money to anyone who can retrieve them. Duke has been tipped off to the potential locations of these artefacts and will offer pirates a range of Voyages costing five Doubloons to seek and retrieve them. All Dark Relic Voyages are time-limited for the duration of the Dark Relics update

The Reaper's Chest - Keep an eye on the horizon for an eerie pillar of light reaching skyward. Upon reaching its source, players can obtain a new Reaper's Chest and the pillar of light will be extinguished. But beware: once collected, the Reaper's Chest will appear on the ship's map of all rival crews on the seas! Return these chests to Duke if you can, who will take them off your hands in return for Doubloons. Following the Dark Relics update, the Reaper's Chest and Doubloon rewards will persist as an emergent encounter in the world along with a way to earn Doubloons regularly.

Tall Tales: Legendary Storyteller - New Puzzle Locations - The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale has had a range of new puzzle variants added to new islands for a more varied experience during each playthrough.

Sea of Thieves