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December 2021 was the biggest month of sales yet for Xbox Series consoles in the UK

The Nintendo Switch had another monster month as well.

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It has been revealed in a report by that December 2021 was a pretty massive month for games console sales in the UK. Throughout the month, over 560,000 consoles were sold in the country, which accounted for around £200 million worth of sales, and as for which systems generated these massive numbers, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series systems are at the forefront.

According to the report, the Switch - as you probably would come to expect at this point - was the best selling console for the holiday month, with an increased number of sales that was 6% larger than November 2021.

As for Xbox Series systems, thanks to a boost of Series X stock, the consoles saw an increase of sales by 108% month-over-month, making for a month of sales that was even bigger than when the consoles originally released back in November 2020.

You might be wondering what happened to the PlayStation 5, well Sony's system came in third, making for a month that saw a 28% increase in sales over November 2021. While it wasn't quite the record-breaker that Xbox had, December 2021 still made for the second best month of sales for the PS5 in the UK since its release as well.

As part of's report, it was also revealed that Sony had a pretty big month when it comes to accessories, with the white DualSense controller topping the market. As well as this, the top software sales were also shared, with (to no surprise) FIFA 22 topping the digital and physical games sales for the month. Despite it launching in 2017, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe coming in at eighth on this list is actually quite an anomaly (as the game frequently tops the weekly sales list), although as the report clarifies, the digital sales for the game are missing here, so we can probably expect it to be higher with this in-mind.

December 2021 was the biggest month of sales yet for Xbox Series consoles in the UK

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