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Dead Island 2

Check Out Dead Island 2's New Playable Character

Ryan is a former stripper who shrugs off zombie bites with ease.

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Dead Island 2 is a game that has been stuck in development for years. But, hopefully this year we'll finally be seeing its release. A lot of information is coming out about Dead Island 2, including a closer look at some of the playable characters.

There will be 6 options to choose from in terms of Dead Island 2's playable characters, and one of them is Ryan, a former stripper who finds himself in L.A.'s zombie apocalypse. In a new trailer, we get a closer look at Ryan, who seems like a tank/brawler in the game.

There's not much gameplay shown in the 30-second trailer, but we do see a bit of Ryan in action, and it seems that he likes to get stuck into melee. With either a weapon in his hands or just using his feet, he can send zombies flying.

Ryan was revealed prior to this trailer through an exclusive Dead Island 2 preview, where Dani was also shown off, who is another Slayer who has a fondness for explosives.


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