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Big patch drops ahead of Bloodborne expansion

It's not just in preparation of The Old Hunters as it also adds new content to base game.

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Next week Bloodborne is going to receive its one-and-only DLC add-on; The Old Hunters. The expansion is set to add approximately eight hours worth of new gameplay to the PS4 exclusive, and in preparation for this Sony have added a huge patch to the base game.

To prepare for this new adventure in Yharnam, Bloodborne has received a massive 9.376GB update. However this doesn't just add things for The Old Hunters, thanks to Reddit user spacemanticore's translated patch notes ( we know that the patch will add new features for players without the upcoming DLC.

First off is a new covenant of hunters known as the "Federation"; you'll be able to join and rank up within the Federation based on how many missions you have done for them. Plus there will be some new friendly NPC phantom's scattered around Yharnam in the form of Federation members. And finally there will be some changes made to the Chalice Dungeons as well as some tweaks to the match-making system and using the Summoning Bell, all of this on top of some other undisclosed changes and some bug fixes.

The Old Hunters expansion will be released next week on the 24th of November which will add three brand new areas, and 10 new weapons for hunters to use.


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