Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Ardyn Izunia announced for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

At Jump Festa 2020 we got a look at a new fighter that will be joining Final Fantasy's fighting game.

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Over the weekend Japan hosted the Jump Festa convention and we got to see a whole variety of new exciting things coming to the gaming world, one specific piece of news that has piqued our interest is the newest arrival to Dissidia.

Joining the worldwide roster on January 9th 2020 will be Ardyn Izunia, known for being the main antagonist in Final Fantasy XV, he will feature two separate character sprites, his trademark attire from FFXV and also his healer clothes from his days as such.

With a move set similar to Noctis, it appears that Ardyn will also be an Assassin type character and will feature an EX skill similar to Warp-Strike.

Be sure to check out the gameplay trailer below and let us know your thoughts.


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