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Nuclear Throne

You can now sit atop the Nuclear Throne

Key part of Vlambeer's game has been added.

As noted in the latest blogpost by the team over at Vlambeer, you can now actually reach the titular throne in Nuclear Throne. If you're not already aware, this one's a top-down roguelike shooter with multiple characters and plenty of angry mutants to put down. The aforementioned throne has been added to the game in the same spirit as the rest of its development, that means in the public eye (although they only added it in when it "worked" in this case) via regular streaming of the game as a work-in-progress.

The post calls the throne's inclusion as "an indicator that the first half of development has been wrapped up", and in the second half the studio are planning on focusing their efforts on revisiting content already added to the game and fleshing out the lore. Vlambeer have said that the game is now nearly feature complete, and once that's finished, it'll just be a case of adding content ahead of the game's launch on PC, Mac, Linux, and then PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. The game's currently available via Early Access, so head here for more details.

Nuclear Throne

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