Xcom: Enemy Unknown

Xcom dev: post-launch support expected for iOS version

Firaxis talks plans beyond the mobile port of Enemy Unknown.

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With Xcom: Enemy Unknown being crammed onto iOS later this summer, the obvious question that's asked (after "how do the controls work?") is "what did they have to cut?"

Surprisingly little, explains lead designer Jake Solomon, who during an interview with Gamereactor stated that "this is essentially the same game from PC and console running on this new platform".

However, focus is strictly on the single player for now, as Solomon and the team want to make sure that the "basic" game is "solid on release".

As for multiplayer however, it may be something that'll come post-launch. "We'll be looking at making improvements or adding content later on," the developer stated, "...I know that there are plans to support it after launch, although you'll have to talk to 2K about how that support will be conducted."

You can read our full interview about the IOS conversion here.

Xcom: Enemy Unknown

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