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Xbox One delayed until 2014?

Source tells Gamereactor Microsoft are delaying their next-gen console.

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We've had word that Microsoft will announce a delay of Xbox One - and a rather major one at that.

According to the source, Microsoft's console will now ship in Q1 2014. Given that a launch in January is highly unlikely and February is an equally unattractive launch month, this could mean we may have to wait as long as March until Microsoft's next-gen offering arrives. We have no further information on what the cause of the delay is, whether there are issues with manufacturing or whether Microsoft are making last minute alterations. At this point we are not certain if this is a worldwide delay or whether it's limited to Europe.

Take it as a rumour for now, and pray it is untrue.

Update: Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One will be delayed in eight countries until 2014.

Xbox One delayed until 2014?

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