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Win the very limited-edition Destiny 2 emblem, Scientia Illuminata

Following the Destiny 2 Showcase, we've teamed up with Bungie to offer Guardians some rare and special loot.

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Season of Plunder is here. Lightfall has been revealed. It is a great time to be a fan of Destiny 2. To celebrate all the magnificent new additions and planned content for Bungie's looter-shooter, we're offering Guardians a chance to get their hands on a very limited in-game emblem.

Destiny 2

Known as Scientia Illuminata, we're offering 15 codes for this emblem (which you can see for yourself in the image above) for our readers to win. All you have to do is answer a quick question relating to the Destiny 2 Showcase that took place recently, which we watched and chatted about live alongside Destiny 2 streamer Lana Lane. Check out the stream again below, familiarise yourself with what was unveiled, and then head to the poll here to answer the following question:

What is the name of the new subclass arriving in Destiny 2: Lightfall?


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