Solium Infernum

We're playing Solium Infernum on today's GR Live

Join us as we check out the opening hour of League of Geeks' latest strategy title.

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Developer League of Geeks has debuted its latest project. Solium Infernum has made its arrival on PC, allowing fans to dive in and to try their hand at conquering hell following the Prince of Darkness abdicating and leaving his Infernal Throne for the taking.

While we have recently published our review of Solium Infernum, we're also turning our attention to the game on the latest episode of GR Live, where our very own Rebeca will be hosting and playing through the opening hour all from 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET.

In other League of Geeks news, the developer was recently forced to shut down production on another of its planned games all while laying off a large proportion of its developers.

Solium Infernum

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