God of War

We didn't get God of War to run on a Windows 11 PC

We'd also like to have PlayStation button prompts for PS-layout controllers, pretty please.

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God of War (2018) leaves its PlayStation exclusivity to finally release on PC the day after tomorrow, January 14, 2022. You can read what we think about the PC adaptation here, but while even Nvidia has released new drivers to support the game and new features such as DLSS, it seems that there's some work to do to cater to part of the admittedly varied PC crowd.

Firstly, we at Gamereactor weren't able to run the game on a very powerful Windows 11 rig. It was a Steam code, which run just fine on Windows 10 (well, with some hiccups probably related to memory usage, as described in our review), but while we're trying to run the game on other Win11 gaming PCs for further confirmation, it was so far impossible.

Besides, there's the very ironic matter of the button prompts on screen. God of War comes with native support for both PS4's DualShock and PS5's DualSense controllers, which is nice given how they weren't supported originally on computers, but if you happen to use some of the available third party PS-layout controllers, the button graphics will still show Xbox prompts by default, instead of the actual buttons you're pressing. This could (and will, we hope) be easily fixed by letting users choose, or by detecting the controller type.

As many other PC games, we expect God of War to expand its compatibility and improve its performance in the following weeks. On which operating system and with what controller do you plan to control Kratos on PC?

God of War

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