We Build a New MSI 1440p RTX Monster with a 11th gen i9!

Follow along as we go from parts to max FPS in a flash!

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We Build a New MSI 1440p RTX Monster with a 11th gen i9!

It's time for another PC Build and this time we've teamed up with MSI and NVIDIA to give you a 2K Ultra Performer.
The parts list is nothing to sneer at as it includes an 11th Generation i9 11900k intel processor, seated in the Z590 Carbon WiFi motherboard from MSI and rocks a RTX 3060ti Gaming X Trio Graphics card. Cooled with the new MSI MPG Coreliquid K360 and snuggly fitted within the MPG Sekira 100p Case.

In the video below we outline the parts, give you a (very) quick build process and crunch some stats!

Check out the sleek 1440p Ultra Performer PC from birth to adulthood right here:


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