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      Overwatch 2

      Washington Justice is looking for a new general manager

      Former GM, PRE, has left the organisation.

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      The Washington Justice ended up having quite the disappointing Overwatch League season, as despite having plenty of talent, it failed to qualify for Playoffs. Needless to say, this will result in some changes in the organisation, and the first of those comes in the general manager position, where Aaron "PRE" Heckman is leaving his position in favour of new opportunities for 2023.

      As noted by the team in the announcement, "Today we say thank you to @PRE_owl as he explores new opportunities for the 2023 season." The statement continues, "Aaron has been with the Justice since our first year, and we will always be grateful for the endless dedication, effort, and heart he poured into the Justice."

      PRE has also taken to Twitter to add some colour to this decision.

      "I've decided not to return to the Justice for the 2023 season. Thank you to all the fans, players, and staff that I've worked with as we pushed for success no matter what."

      PRE adds, "I'm so proud of what we achieved in my 3 years with the Justice... Showcases in Australia, mid-season rebuilds to miracle play-off runs, finding fun sponsors, partnering with local schools, and helping causes that made the tough days in the league worth it."

      He concludes by stating that this is "hopefully" not a full goodbye, but more of "a see you soon."

      As to whom the Justice is bringing on to fill the GM position, that remains to be determined.

      Overwatch 2

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