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Warface releases Operation Black Shark

An expansive new co-op mission awaits.

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Warface had its third anniversary this month, and to celebrate Crytek has announced that a new special operation by the name of Black Shark is making its way to the online shooter.

In Operation Black Shark players have to infiltrate a skyscraper as part of an elite squad in order to work their way through each floor filled with enemies and bring the tower down. Cyborg warriors, automatic turrets and more await inside and new achievements are also at stake for those who can stand up to the challenge.

Director of Game Operations Ilya Mamontov said: "As we celebrate three years of Warface, we're excited to roll out Operation Black Shark, our latest co-op PvE Special Operation. Warface has come a long way in three years and has grown and changed enormously, guided by player feedback. We'd like to thank our ever-growing community for coming along with us on this journey, and we look forward to continuing to serve them as we add content and evolve the game in the months and years ahead."

Will you be diving back into Warface for this new experience?


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