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Warface reaches 25 million registered players

Crytek announce milestone for free-to-play shooter.

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Crytek has announced that the "Warface franchise" has reached 25 million registered players to date. The free-to-play shooter that focusses more on teamplay that what's the norm in the category first launched in Russia in April 2012 and has since spread to include more countries and most recently an open beta was launched on Xbox Live for the Xbox 360 version.

"It is a fantastic achievement for our franchise and for our teams, and we'd like to thank Warface players everywhere for their support." said Cevat Yerli, Crytek's CEO and Creative Director. "Warface is part of our games-as-service model, which means the game thrives off and revolves around our community. We look forward to delivering more of the great gameplay experiences that they have come to expect, and can promise the growing ranks of Warface fans that the franchise still has lots of surprises in store."


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