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DMC Devil May Cry

Virgil confirmed for DmC

Dante's twin gets rebooted for remake.

Virgil, Dante's twin brother, will appear in the DmC reboot with a prominent role in the story, operating as leader of The Order, a group of hackers and demon hunters, and those who enlists Dante to the cause.

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The character retains much of his previous look - white hair, long blue jacket, sword - though he's seemingly a force for good. But from the trailer demoed at Capcom's Gamescom conference where the announcement was made, friction between the two is still in evidence.

DMC Devil May Cry

As part of the conference we also saw some new gameplay, which suggests Ninja Theory is continuing themes seen at the end of Enslaved, as Dante tackles a sentient A.I that operates the Raptor News Network, entering into an abstract cyberspace world to combat the massive deity.

The team say they're looking to satirise the likes of the media and pop music - the battle also switched to a mock "live" news story HUD as the A.I in its public role as a trusted news anchor, commentated on Dante as the demon hunter took on a variety of other enemies.

Check out the new screens below (a trailer will follow shortly - both here and on GRTV). The game's due January 15 next year.

DMC Devil May Cry
DMC Devil May CryDMC Devil May Cry
DMC Devil May Cry
DMC Devil May CryDMC Devil May Cry

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