Valheim was developed by only five people

It has already managed to sell 3 million copies.

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Just before the weekend, is was revealed that Valheim has sold over three million copies since the Early Access release two weeks earlier, a remarkable performance. Especially considered that the sales shows no signs of slowing down, but rather the opposite.

So who is this Swedish mighty developer Iron Gate who made this extreme success story? What's the key factor, perhaps a huge team of industry elites? In an interview with PC Gamer, the co-founder Henrik Törnqvist shed some light on this topic and revealed that the team only consists of five people - but they say they will expand to better cater to the unprecedented demand:

"We will hire some people, absolutely. We are currently starting up that process. Yeah, there will be more people to handle everything, because we have reached our limit by now of everything we can do."

Basically, we can look forward to a loot more content going forward with Valheim. Sounds good to us, and its really impressive that a five-man crew was able to accomplish something as awesome as this. Kudos!


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