Valheim players have peaked at 500,000

That's pretty much 1/6 of its entire playerbase.

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Just a few days after it was reported that Valheim had reached 3 million sales, it has now surfaced that it has peaked at 500,000 concurrent players.

This is a pretty insane figure, as it means that roughly 1/6 of its entire player base was active at the same time. The viking survival game hit its current peak on Sunday and was able to surpass Dota 2's figures on Steam, despite it only being within Early Access. With the game surpassing Dota 2, it only ranked behind the widely popular CS:GO on the platform.

At this point, Valheim has only been out for three weeks, and it seems that it is breaking new records every single week. Only time will tell just how much it will be able to accomplish.


Thanks, PC Gamer.

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